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Texas License to Carry 
Texas Constitutional Carry

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Why Obtain a Texas License to Carry?

Even with the passage of Texas HB 1927, which allows for the permitless carry of a handgun in Texas, most people are still choosing to get a License to Carry. Permitless carry is very restricted when compared to the LTC. The Texas LTC gives legal protections and multiple benefits when carrying a gun that are not covered under permitless/constitutional carry in Texas. Not only are there advantages within Texas law for having an LTC, when in class the instructor covers material that every gun owner is responsible to know and is crucial to be aware of. Benefits of the LTC include:

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun, or commonly known as the concealed handgun license and concealed carry permit, does not go away with the passage of permitless carry in Texas and is beneficial to have if you plan to carry a handgun. The License To carry course is officially approved by Texas Department of Public Safety and is needed to get your License to Carry. The LTC will be taken in person to fulfill the classroom requirement to obtain a Texas License to Carry. This class can be taken from anywhere within Texas.

Who can take the class?

Anyone at least 21 years of age can take the class. The material covered applies to anyone interested in firearms and goes over firearm safety, Texas law, federal law, de-escalation techniques, methods of carry and more. Texas DPS LTC will issue the actual license or permit after a completed approved online application is submitted to Texas DPS for the license to carry. Texas DPS will issue the License To Carry to you directly by U.S. mail.

Topics covered for Texas License to Carry include: 

1. Weapon Law
– Laws that relate to weapons and to the use of deadly force

2. Handgun Use and Safety 
– Including use of holders and methods to ensure the secure carrying of handguns

3. Non-Violent Dispute Resolution 
– De-escalation techniques including communication skills and situational awareness

4. Safe Storage Practices 
– handgun storage options and law relating to storage

5. All materials provided relates back to carrying a pistol in public in to be as safe as possible. Whether you intend to carry a gun or not, this course is great for anyone interested in learning more about the above topics.

Gun Traning (LTC / CHL)

LTC Benefits Over Constitutional Carry 

  • Trespass Protection

  • Campus Carry 

  • School Zone Carry 

  • Carry in 37 States

  • Peace of Mind When Carrying

  • Interactions with Law Enforcements 

  • No Background Check When Buying Guns 

  • Protections If Carrying Past No Gun Signs 

  • Learn the Carry Laws

  • The Legal Protections an LTC Provides

Take the official Texas License to Carry a Handgun class!

· Approved by Texas DPS

· Get certified with license to carry firearm instructor

· Carry in more places than with Constitutional Carry

· Legal protections provided by a License to Carry

· Take the class in person to have hands on training

· Weekly classes that offer advice, questions and answers

This is a course officially approved by Texas DPS by classroom training requirement to get your LTC. This class is for an official Texas LTC. The LTC may also be referred to as the concealed handgun license or concealed carry permit.

About this Course:

· Fulfills the classroom training requirements for a Texas LTC.

· 4 hours long and can be taken at your leisure.

· Training is broken into video segments.

· Start the class immediately if an opening is available.

· Multiple-choice test at the end (as required by TX DPS)

· LTC-101 Certificate of completion immediately available 

This unique perspective gives additional insight when it comes to concealed carry. The information is relevant, accurate, and applies to the real world.

Certificate of Completion

The certificate issued at the successful completion of this course is valid for 2 years. The certificate issued by a Texas License to Carry instructor will include a proficiency demonstration that consists of shooting qualification and 1 to 2 hours of “range instruction”. What is included and how long the range instruction portion initiates will be up to LTC instructor.

30.05 -vs- 30.06 -vs- 30.07

with Constitutional Carry

Can anyone confirm my understanding of the new meanings for the signs?

·       30.05 = No unlicensed carry (?)

·       30.06 = No licensed concealed carry

·       30.07 = No licensed open carry


Previously 30.05 was basically used for long-arms, as any unlicensed handgun carry was automatically illegal, however with the new law signs will be required to say

Pursuant to Section 30.05, Penal Code (criminal trespass), a person may not enter this property with a firearm

Nothing about licensed vs unlicensed, however later it states

It is a defense to prosecution under this section that the basis on which entry ... was forbidden is that entry with a handgun was forbidden; and the person was carrying: a license ... to carry a handgun... [and a handgun] in a concealed manner or in a holster.

So does that mean 30.05 is no firearms, or just no unlicensed carry? Texas law seems to use the defense to prosecution wrapper for a lot of things that are legal. For example, that phrase is used with licensed tenants and guests of an apartment if the building owner places a 30.06.


In the Texas Gun Owners summary of changes, they enumerated it the same way I did

Private businesses can prohibit unlicensed carry by providing notice under Penal Code Chapter 30.05.


Edit to add:

There is also a new sign for the existing 46.03 section, but that is for use at schools, racetrack, amusement park, voting location, etc. that reads:

Pursuant to Section 46.03, Penal Code (places weapons prohibited), a person may not carry a firearm or other weapon on this property

Note this section of the law has no defense from prosecution clause.

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